An Insight Into Our Logo Design

Tarryn Woods
In this blog our illustrator, Deborah Brill briefly discusses her process in designing our logo and illustrations. Deborah describes herself as a 'hands-on' artist and delights in the physicality of creating: painting, making a mess, music, dancing and cups of tea. She believes they’re all essential components in the creative process.
The brief was fairly straight-forward and simple in our eyes - women and children holding up the world. During the four-week-long process, we realised that it was far from simple!

We wanted the logo to represent our community and what we aim to achieve through buying in bulk - save the Earth! We believe that mummas have the power to create change, and we wanted this to shine through.
As the process continued, we realised that the illustration was far too complex for a logo, and hence decided to simplify to the Earth. Of course, we couldn't let go of all our characters and our original image, so you'll find them featured throughout the website. Each character has a story, and soon you will get to know them. We love having Earth as our logo - it is at the centre of everything that we do.
Enjoy :-)
[From the Illustrator]
I recently designed the illustrative logo for Bulk Buying Mummas. It was a very rewarding experience for both myself and Tarryn who commissioned me, and she asked if I'd write about it.


I enjoy the creative challenge of a brief and whenever someone wishes to commission me work my first step is to make sure they've seen my style and the kind of things I get up to. Tarryn saw some other work I'd done and after checking out my website felt very drawn (apologies for the dreadful pun) to my style.


Everytime I produce work I marvel at the creative process. In many ways I have no idea 'how' I arrive at what I do, but I take a similar series of steps each time to arrive at the final artwork.


For commissioned pieces, I always start with the end result. What is the client looking for? What specific function will it have, like a logo? Is it a series of designs? Does it need to evolve into other products and what variety of uses might the design be needed for. How do they want to feel when they look at their designs, are there specific colors that they’re like the idea of?


Tarryn was extremely clear about what she wanted and she had a specific image in mind, so I dived right in. I work in a combination of inks and watercolour, always on beautiful heavyweight (300gsm) cold pressed (sounds like a lovely olive oil!) watercolour paper. The cold pressed means that it's a nice smooth paper, which I like for the marks and textures I like to make with my work.


Not many designers do this, but I offer to show my clients all my sketches and roughs for their project. I never know where the magic is going to happen and what is going to spark the imagination, and I’m happy to receive all feedback, positive and not. I enjoy the (sometimes) robust discussions about what my client wants and what I think will best suit their professional needs! Tarryn knew what she wanted, and the process took us on a journey of drawing the feelings she had for the logo out of her heart, and onto the paper.
I know that Tarryn is happy with her collection of drawings, and feels they represent Bulk Buying Mummas. To see more of my work or if you’d think you may be interested in working with me please contact me for a chat!

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