Buying In Bulk Like A Pro: Tips To Get You Started

Tarryn Woods

Buying in bulk can be intimidating if you shop weekly, daily or even twice-daily. You can become overwhelmed from the sheer thought of 'trying' to get organised. I promise you, you can do it. We are here to help you save time, money and energy!

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Start with the basics: Yes, we have over 400 products, but that doesn't mean you need to buy them all at once. You are so welcome to though... 

  • Weekly staples: Write down the top non-perishables that you use weekly. For our house, our weekly staples include; quinoa, rice, almonds, dried fruit, peanut butter, tahini, tea, beans, and coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut cream and coconut water.

  • Quantities: How much do you use approximately of each item per week? Write it down, multiple by 5. For example; We use about 600g of quinoa per week, so we buy 3 kgs, or I buy 5kgs to BULK UP to save more.

  • Over-order rather than under-order: I multiply by 5 so that there is always 'stock' for the month. When you are paying $3.00 for an item, and then have to pay $6.00 at the local store, it feels really crappy. All of our products have really long use-by-dates or are non-perishable. Your 'stock' will be eaten.

  • Add in your extras items: oils, superfoods, herbs & spices, sweeteners, baking goods. You may use them daily, but you may only use a teeny bit. 

  • Get bulkier: Buy big and bulk up as much as you can. For example; buy 12 x Organic Diced Tomatoes for $1.74 each, instead of a few for $2.16 each. Buying in bulk will save you at least 40% off the retail price. FORTY PERCENT.

  • Storage a challenge in your home?: Create your own mini-buying group with your friends!

  • Ask for help: email us, or call us or post in our members-only Facebook group.There are some very experienced bulkers in there!
Feeling more confident? Shop with us now...

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