How are your products so affordable?

Well, partly because we are amazing, but mostly because we are sneaky…

  1. We hop, skip and jump over links (or kinks!) in the supply chain so that we can buy from as close to the farmer as possible.
  2. We only order what we need so there's no wastage, and no need for storage or other overheads.
  3. We buy really big and BULK UP and pass the savings onto our members whilst keeping the packaging minimal and earth-friendly.
  4. We reuse boxes and packaging where possible to cut down on our costs and eco foot print.
  5. We don't believe in extravagant mark-ups, so we simply don't do it.

Why shop with Bulk Buying Mummas?

We are Australian family-owned and support Australian suppliers and farmers where possible.

We don’t add any nasty stuff to our food - no GMO, no chemicals, no nothing, and try our very best to reduce our plastic usage.

We are a supportive community and believe that people have the power to facilitate change. By using the power of a community we can change the world.