Hi! I'm Tarryn Woods, founder of Bulk Buying Mummas.

Bulk Buying Mummas Founder

I'm a mother of my 2-year-old son, Orlando, a wife, a manager, a student, a cleaner, a cook, a friend! Being a busy mum, I don't have much time for shopping, and need to be really organised. I actually find shopping to be incredibly tedious and energy-draining! Buying in bulk is a life saver. My cupboards are always stocked, and I don't have the need to do the grocery shop everyday. I love that buying in bulk is better for the environment, and enjoy meeting new customers through our Facebook group and at our pick up points.

I have found such satisfaction in helping other families have greater access to healthy organic wholefoods. I believe that organic food should be accessible to everyone, not just an elite minority.

I look forward to getting bulky with you.

Email me at tarryn@bulkbuyingmummas.com.au if you have any questions.